About Me

I suppose I must have been raised on coffee, as I have no recollection of my first taste of this glorious brown liquid that started my addiction. My momma is my coffee drinking partner in crime. It’s kind of “our thing” to go out and find all of the hole in the wall coffee joints. No one else in my family shares quite the appreciation for the stuff. My dad can’t stand the smell of it, nevermind the taste! Sometimes, Mom and I make him drive through Starbucks and order for us, just to give us a giggle. One time, he attempted to order a “non-calf, de-fat latte” for my grandma. He’s never been the same since. We gave him quite the hard time about it afterwards. 

When I was little, I remember sharing those bottled Frappuccinos with Mom. They were her favorite, and sometimes, she parted with a whole bottle. That was most definitely a treat for me. (I won’t drink them now. Not my thing.) That must have been the start of it. We very rarely visited a real Starbucks until I was about 10. 

Somewhere in that time, it became a much more serious habit. But still mainly Starbucks. My experience was very limited. I don’t ever remember realizing how big the coffee world actually was. I think the first time I ever had REAL coffee shop coffee, (not the ever-popular, over-commercialized, Starbucks franchise) was at a locally owned shop called Hebrews Coffee. (I’ll give a review on them soon.) The first latte (first time I had ever seen latte art) I had there, changed my life. I couldn’t not believe how smooth and creamy it was! So much better, and different, than the Starbucks I was used to.

My coffee nerd egg was starting to hatch. I wanted to explore this new world! Thus began the adventure of finding the best coffee in the best little cafés around the states (and hopefully the globe!)

Just last year I started working as a barista at a licensed Starbucks store. I love making coffee! It has only served to deepen my affection for the art of coffee (and my addiction… It’s bad.) 


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