Olan Rogers’ Soda Parlor and Garage Coffee Company

Nashville, TN

Local Shop. Roasts their own beans.



So, we are out of town again, this time venturing into the good ole music city of Nashville, Tennessee. We originally went exploring, searching for Olan Rogers’ Soda Parlor. If you don’t know who Olan Rogers is, you need too. Anyway, his shop is inside of this building that used to be an automobile factory/warehouse. It’s really cool and totally hipster. 

We went kinda late, and apparently the Soda Parlor is open two hours later than all the other shops. So, if you go to explore, you want to go before 6. 

The Soda Parlor was smaller than we expected, but still pretty cool. They are famous for their floats, but since I can’t have ice cream, I ordered a cherry lime Italian Soda.

We enjoyed our sodas and I practically begged to come back the next day to explore when the shops were open.

We just happened to find a coffee shop as well called the Garage Coffee Company. They had some pretty yummy looking drinks, and somehow I didn’t even end up getting coffee. Shocking, I know. 

My favorite tea is Earl Grey, if I don’t feel like having coffee, that’s usually what I’ll get, and typically in the form of a London Fog, which is an Earl Grey latte with vanilla. Well, they had a “Foggy Haze” which was an Earl Grey latte with white chocolate and lavender. I ordered an iced one with almond milk. Which, by the way, almond milk pairs gloriously with Earl Grey. Even if I could have regular milk, I’d still pick almond in this case. 

Looking back, I’m a little disappointed in myself for not getting coffee, but the Foggy Haze was so good, I’m not too sad. Mom and my tea-loving sister both tried it and loved it as much as I did. 


Because who wouldn’t want a table made from a lift? 

They also had black and white shows being played on the wall, which was kinda cool. 
One more thing to mention, right next door is an Antique Archaeology store (American Pickers) and an awesome candy shop called the Bang Candy Company that sells these gourmet marshmallows!


Soda Parlor Overall Review

Atmosphere: Teen/college hangout, there’s free to play arcade games, apparel, coffee mugs, etc. 

Seating: It would be very tight if it got crowded. There’s not a whole lot of seating, but there is a patio.

Style: Modern, retro, geeky.

Prices: The prices were actually pretty reasonable! My Italian Soda was less than $2 and it came in a souvineer cup that I got to keep.

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

Garage Coffee Company Overall Review

Atmosphere: On the go

Seating: Not very much, there some stools looking out the windows, and the lift table, but besides that, maybe one or two more places to sit.

Style: Garage, retro, diner

Prices: A bit higher than I would have liked to see. I would compare the prices to Starbucks.

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️

I was not compensated for these reviews.


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