Onyx Coffee Lab

Bentonville, AR

Local Shop. Roasts their own beans


I know, I know, it’s been too long. I’ve just been so busy! But, I have been dying to try Onyx Coffee Labs for a while now, and I finally found time in my schedule and a friend to go with! So, Hannah and I drove two hours south JUST to go to Onyx. And let me tell you, it was THAT good. Like, no joke, the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to. We both walked in and I’m pretty sure our jaws dropped. And we hadn’t even ordered!
 That’s some SLOW drip y’all.

We found a menu, which by the way, there isn’t one on the wall, because they do a seasonal menu, so they use a paper menu. Hannah ordered a small batch drip and a rose macaron. I ordered an earl grey macaron and a “Smoke and Oak.” The Smoke and Oak was described on the menu as “Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold Brew, caramelized sugar and smoked cassia”. It sounded amazing.  
We sat down and waited for our drinks. Hannah got hers first, since it was just drip. Then the barista called me up, here’s where it gets fun.

So, I go up and she hands me a little cup with iced coffee in it. Then she shows me another little cup and in it are cinnamon sticks (cassia is a type of cinnamon), then she BLOW TORCHES them! She tells me that I’m supposed to smell the smoke before taking a sip of my coffee.

First off, the macarons, the rose one was a bit too strong for us both, but the earl grey one, was amazing. 

My coffee… I just couldn’t get over it! The smoked cassia was the most wonderful thing I have ever smelled. It smelled like a campfire with subtle cinnamon. It made me feel so cozy. My coffee was so smooth.  It tasted caramelly and woody. I was so happy. It was so comforting and delicious. It was a small amount of coffee for the price ($6) but the experience was worth every cent… And the two hour drive…


Atmosphere: Not really an on the go kind of place. You go there for the experience. Also, this place is very popular down there and a destination. We got there just in time. By the time we got our drinks, there was a line out the door.

Seating: Unfortunately, there weren’t that many places to sit. A few small tables, and a couple for couches. There’s also some outdoor seating if the weather is nice. 

Style: Modern/contemporary, urban

Prices: High. But worth it in my opinion. Just not something to do every day.

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

I was not compensated for this review. All views are my own.


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