Eurasia Coffee and Tea

Springfield, MO

Local Shop


First off, allow me to apologize for not writing the last few months. I suddenly developed a lactose intolerance and have been trying to figure out how I would continue to review. So, y’all will have to hang with me as I’m stuck with soy or almond milk. Depressing, I know. 

Second, my town is doing this thing called a coffee crawl. You know, similar to a pub crawl, but coffee. Read: Epic. It’s running for one week, and there are eight local shops participating. We purchased our punch cards for $10 and with them, we will receive four free drinks and discounts at the other four. Pretty cool idea, huh? 

So, on to my review. One of our first stops on our punch cards was Eurasia Coffee and Tea. The deal was for an 8 ounce Persian Rosewater Latte. What? I can’t stand the smell of rose. But nevertheless, I was intrigued. And why not? It was free! They didn’t even upcharge me for the soy. 


Basically, in that tiny 8 ounce cup was the most complex latte I’ve ever had. Like, I don’t even know how to describe it! The espresso was delicious. It kind of had a sort of cocoa flavor to it. And the rosewater was strange, but it worked well with the espresso! It was like an explosion in my mouth and it made my brain think because I was tasting so many different things. (That probably makes no sense, but it’s true!) It was good, very unique. And the size was perfect.


As for atmosphere, it was awesome! Totally fed our hipster souls. They have this little nook, with cushions and pillows made out of old burlap coffee bags. So cute! 


Atmosphere: Definitely a sit and relax for hours type of place. 

Seating: Quite a few spots to sit. With multiple sizes and styles. And that nook…

Style: Definitely hipster. Oh so hipster. 

Prices: Low. Yay! Oh, and they donate some of their profit to fight against human trafficking. 

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ The only negative thing I can come up with is that we had a hard time finding it, due to lack of signage. 

I have not been compensated for this review. All reviews are my own. 



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  1. Totally cool! Where is it? Reminds me of a place in Minneapolis some years back called Java Jacks. Not sure it’s even there anymore, but the decor in this place is very similar. Again, where is it? Thanks for sharing!

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