The Coffee Grounds

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Local shop. 


Mom was driving and in desperate need of some caffeine. As we are driving through Eau Claire, in search of something, anything, my younger sister shouts out, “The Coffee Grounds!” So, we turn in, without any idea of what to expect. 

The Coffee Grounds is apparently a wine shop and coffee house. They also had a bunch of kitchen supplies.

I ordered a plain 16 oz. Latte and Mom ordered a 20 oz. Americano. 


They have really good espresso. Mom’s Americano was amazing. And my Latte was pretty good too. 

However, I was not too happy with the service. I found the people kind of curt and borderline rude. 

Our drinks were extremely hot, probably 180 degrees. 

We needed to get back on the road and I had hardly drank any of mine because of the scorching hot temperature so we asked for to-go cups and they wanted to charge us .75 for both of them. 

Atmosphere: Sit down, eat, luncheon

Seating: Quite a few tables of various sizes

Style: Shopping

Prices: Medium

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️

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