Kitty’s Coffee

Cincinnati, Ohio

Local shop.


After much searching, getting lost, and asking for directions, we finally found Kitty’s Coffee, located in the Mercantile building in downtown Cincinnati. I don’t know how long they’ve been in business, but just from looking at them, they have appearance of a small shop, recently opened, and doing the best they can, but will end up going out of business soon. 

But sometimes little places like that can have better coffee than you expect, so I gave it a go. I asked what they recommended and none of the three that were there could give me an answer. They asked what I liked and I told them I was open to anything. Still no suggestions. The only thing on the menu- coffee wise- that wasn’t usual, was a Caramel Leche, so that’s what I ordered. 


It consisted of poorly steamed milk, so-so espresso, thick, sticky sweet Torani caramel sauce and Reddi-Whip. 

I don’t know how their food is, but it’s not worth going for the coffee. 


Atmosphere: Grab and go, maybe lunch

Seating: A couple of two-seaters

Style: Simple, cheap

Prices: Medium

Overall Rating: ☕️


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