The Mud House

St. Louis, Missouri 

Local shop. 


As I’m writing this post, I’m stuck in Illinois traffic with my Mom and three younger sisters. So, what better time to write a blog post? 

We stopped at The Mud House in downtown St. Louis. It’s kind of a sketchy part of town, but we survived. It’s the quirkiest coffee shop I’ve been to yet. It’s tiny and crowded, not a very good place for someone who can’t handle tight spaces. 




Now, on to the coffee…

We ordered a Lavender Latte, a Rosemary Honey Latte and a Chai. The chai was good, but not what I’m here to review. 


Lavender Latte

The Lavender Latte was good, slightly sweet with a very subtle lavender flavor. It wasn’t as floral tasting as I had expected. 


 Rosemary Honey Latte

Now, this was amazing. I wasn’t sure what I would think about the rosemary with espresso, but I was taken by surprise with how good it was. It had a very earthy, rosemary taste, and that slight burn that honey gives you. It was much sweeter than the lavender. As much as I liked it, I did realize that taste of the actual espresso was kind of lost. 


 Lots of books to read! And you’ve gotta love the typewriters on top. At least, I do. 🙂 

Atmosphere: Sit down, grab and go, study, but busy and somewhat loud

Seating: Quite a few small, two person tables

Style: Urban, vintage

Prices: Medium

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️ 


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