Brick and Mortar Coffee

Springfield, Missouri 

Local shop. Sells espresso beans to other local shops. 

(Photo Credit: Brick and Mortar Coffee)

Following an amazing lunch at a local Italian restaurant with my mom and my cousin, we decided we needed some coffee. Mom had seen a coffee shop a few days ago and had added it to our list of places to try, so we decided that’s where we wanted to go.

The first thing we noticed, was the very limited parking. I’m not kidding, they have like 5 spots. But we could immediately tell that we were going to like this place! It was so cute! 

We walked in and were informed that they closed at 3 pm. It was 2:55. But they were happy to serve us as long as we kept that in mind for the next visit. We happily agreed and thanked them. Ordering was a bit confusing, as they don’t really have a menu. Although, having gone now, I think you could honestly order whatever you would like. Mom asked what their coffee tasting would be like. She explained that the coffee was the barista’s choice, they would bring the coffee to you, in three different forms: espresso, brewed, and latte. $10 for three coffees each? Yeah, we’re in!

We sit at their community table and wait patiently for our first tasting. My cousin (who is also a Starbucks barista) and I thought we knew what we were getting into with the shot. We were not prepared. The barista brought us our shots, on a little tray with a glass of seltzer water and a little tag, to explain the specific coffee we would be tasting. As we carefully sipped the espresso out of the little demi cup, I’m pretty sure we looked shocked. This was nothing like tasting the espresso shots at work. Nothing. 

I’ll try to describe it the best I can, but because it was SO different, I’m not sure I can. It felt very heavy on my tongue, thick. It was extremely tart, but not bitter. I didn’t taste the vanilla and hazelnut notes the card said I would. I think I tasted citrus and maybe cherry. This was not a shot you could just gulp down at once. That would be like the cinnamon challenge, I think. No, it was better sipped, followed by the sparkling water (which paired amazingly well with it, I might add.) The most impressive part of the espresso was the caffeine content. I’m the kind of person that has to drink 5 shots of espresso or a whole can of Monster before I’m even the slightest bit jittery. We were not even half way through the shot and couldn’t remember words, and got awfully giggly and our hearts were racing.

We were brought the brewed coffee next. Compared to the shot, it tasted sweet. It reminded me a lot of Starbucks’ Kenya. Of which I’m not a fan. It’s my least favorite coffee we have. I decided to save mine, to have as iced coffee with some raw milk when I got home. It was SO good as iced coffee. Smooth, and strong, it held up to the the ice really well. I was grateful that I decided to save it for later.

The latte had us begging for more. It was so creamy and sweet (although, it had no syrup.) The microform was perfect. We didn’t stop talking about it the whole way home. 

Atmosphere: Casual, relaxed, community oriented.

Seating: Community table, back patio seating.

Style: Vintage

Prices: Low

Overall Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️ 

5, if they had a little bit more comprehensive menu, and didn’t close quite as early as 3 pm.

I have not been compensated for this review. All reviews are my own. 


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